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The Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre supports appreciation for and the development of documentary photography in Estonia as well as the showcasing of Estonian documentary photos around the world.



Dokfoto Keskus values documentary photos that display a balance between stories about topics that are important to humankind and the individual creative ambitions of the photographer.

The centre develops documentary photography that supports progressive change, amplifies voices, promotes human dignity and gender equality, creates respect between people and breaks barriers to help understand and shine the spotlight on social justice.

It is important to the centre to reach different target groups and cooperate with them in creating and sharing the values of documentary photography.

Dokfoto Keskus works at the local, regional and international levels.

The centre is also involved in cooperation projects in different disciplines and forms of art so as to create new quality and better results.

The centre focuses separately on activities with Estonian documentary photographers and young people, as cooperation between professionals and the inclusion and education of young people support the development and appreciation of the field at the local and international levels.

Dokfoto Keskus (the Centre for Documentary Photography) supports appreciation for and the development of documentary photography in Estonia as well as the showcasing of Estonian documentary photos around the world.

Our mission is to bring together photographers and other interested people who use documentary photography to tell and experience stories that inspire, enrich, include and change lives.

Dokfoto Keskus focuses on topics that have a strong impact on humankind and that develop the sphere of documentary photography.

A good documentary photo can make people see what’s going on in society, help them understand it better, increase empathy, encourage cooperation, bridge the gap between differences and motivate people to find solutions to challenges.

Juhan Kuus

Juhan Kuus is a world-renowned documentary photographer of Estonian origin who lived and worked in South Africa. Many of his works and photographic essays have touched people and encouraged them to take action. Kuus believed that documentary photography has an important role to play. When asked why he chose this field, he replied: “I hold up a mirror to society. I tell my compatriots: ‘This is you unrestrained; this is how I see you’.” Kuus hoped that his works might also inspire or influence people in Estonia to take up documentary photography as well as make them look for solutions to the problems depicted in the photos. He also wanted us to recognise and acknowledge what we look like as people, as recognition is the start of many things, including change.

After Kuus’ sudden death and because of his wish to have his personal photo archive preserved in Estonia, we established a fund to safeguard his legacy. Its public branch is called the Juhan Kuusi Dokfoto Keskus.

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NPO Juhan Kuus Foundation is waiting for donations to execute various educational programs for professionals, enthusiasts and photo lovers at Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre. We would also appreciate support to prepare photo projects and exhibitions to be conducted by the Centre and introduce and Juhan Kuusi’s archives in Estonia as well abroad.

There are four ways to donate:
1. Through the donation environment “I love to help”
2. Through the Paypal link
3. Bank transfer – Juhan Kuus’i Fond, Account: EE852200221064227459, Bank: SWEDBANK, SWIFT kood/BIC: HABAEE2X
4. Contributing to the donation box at Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre in Tallinn.

The NGO Juhan Kuus Foundation confirms that it is following the best practice for donations.

For further information see the Good Citizen page

We would be happy to publish the names of our supporters in the Annual Report and on this website. If the supporter does not wish to disclose the name, please inform us.

Member of the Documentary Photography Club

We welcome both photographers and photography enthusiasts who love documentary photography. Documentary Photography Club helps to unite people interested in documentary photography, offering experiences and opportunities for meetings, trainings, lectures and socialization.

Why join?

– Free exhibition visits at the Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre, discount ticket for a companion;
– Discount tickets for exhibitions organized by the Documentary Photo Centre in cooperation with partners outside our Centre;
– Invitations to the openings of the Documentary Photo Centre exhibitions;
– Advance information and invitations to events organized by the Documentary Photo Centre;
– Free of charge or at discounted prices: trainings, seminars, workshops, audience programs, meetings with photographers / curators, film evenings and other events;
– You are our valued partner and supporter, from whom we might ask for advice in our activities.
– You help to influence and develop the field of Estonian documentary photography.

How to join?

Send us a letter ( with a wish to become a Member of the Documentary Photo Centre Club.

Add to letter:
* your first and last name
* connection or interest in photography or documentary photography

Membership will be activated when the member’s annual fee  20 €) is received. Please transfer 20 € to the current account of MTÜ Juhan Kuusi Fond: EE852200221064227459 Swedbank.

Write as the explanation: CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEE. If your membership fee is paid by the company, we will issue an invoice if needed.

A Member of the Documentary Photo Centre is asked to be prepared to present an identity card at the ticket sales counter.

Exhibitions in Estonia and on the international market

Educational programmes and development activities:
— for professionals
— for amateurs

Photo projects initiated and carried out by the centre

Sale of documentary photos

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have ideas you would like to implement with Dokfoto Keskus.

We also welcome pro-active people who are prepared to think about and help us develop and carry out our activities.

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Telliskivi 60a/5 (ex-B1), 1 floor

Opening hours:

Wednesday-Friday 14.00-18.00
Saturday-Sunday 12.00-18.00 
NB! On 24th of February we’re open as usual

Prearranged openings at other times (curatorial events, schools, group and private visits, special events, etc.)

Admission 7 €
Discounted admission:* 5 €
Sponsor ticket 15 €
Dokfoto Club membership* 25 €
Both the Museum Card and the Tallinn Card are valid at our Centre

Free admission: Children and students up to 18 and Club Members of the Docphoto Centre, disabled visitors with their companion, refugees from war

* Discounted admission: (on presenting the appropriate certificate): students, full-time teachers, and professors; seniors; members of The Estonian Documentary Guild.

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Juhan Kuus Documentary Photography Centre
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Founder of the Juhan Kuus Foundation
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Juhan Kuus Documentary Photography Centre marekting, curator
Founder of the Juhan Kuus Foundation
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Volunteer, coordinator of the punk photo exhibition
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Volunteer — consultant, translator and editor


Our Gallery consists of three  open halls with a total area of 104 square meters. The first hall has the entrance, three equally sized windows and a service desk.

We rent out the gallery space for various events.




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