Sessional hire

1 hour 12 €

3-hour session 30 €

Starting from 4-hour session, every additional hour 9 €

1 hour with instructor 50 €


10 hours per month 70 €

25 hours during 2 months 150 €

50 hours during 3 months 250 €

To become a member, please email pimik@dokfoto.ee

Tuition rates

Individual basic course
4 hours 100 €

Basic course for a group
(2-4 persons)
4 hours
60 € /person

To book a course, please email pimik@dokfoto.ee

The booking is valid only after the payment. Payments for the booking of the darkroom can done by card or by bank transfer.

What's included?

All the necessary equipment to develop and enlarge B&W film from 35mm and medium format up to 5 x 4’

Developer, stop and fix for B&W printing.

Durst Laborator 1200 CLS501
LPL Color C7700

MACO Ecomat dryer 50×60 cm for natural (fibre-based) photographic paper. Selection of trays for 35mm and medium-format film. Development tanks up to 50×60 cm. The wet and dry areas are both well equipped with all the necessary tools.

What's not included

You need to bring your own photographic paper. When arranged in advance, it’s possible to purchase the photographic paper at the Darkroom. Prior to your session, please ask what paper there is available for purchase.

The booking does not include the right to damage the inventory of the Darkroom or misuse of the equipment.

Guidlines & Rules

  1. Follow the safety precautions when handling the chemicals by wearing proper protection, using special equipment and tools. Touching the chemicals with bare hands may harm your skin, spoil the photo and contaminate the chemicals.
  2. Use a specifically designated trays, tanks and tools for handling different chemicals. Respect the labels on trays and tools.
  3. Leave the darkroom clean and tidy for the next booking.
  4. Always use tools according to the label, i.e. there are separate tools for different chemicals to avoid cross contamination.
  5. Keep the dry working area dry – anything wet like wet photos, trays etc should be kept away from the enlargers and dry workspace
  6. Never mix or pour chemicals at the eye level as the splash can damage your eyes.
  7. Respect our no food policy. Eating in the darkroom is violating the safety rules.
  8. Wash your hands after working in the darkroom.
  9. Not allow other people to the darkroom without prior agreement
  10. If something is broken, missing, leaking or there is something else that requires urgent attention, please contact us immediately by calling +372 50 10 777 or emailing pimik@dokfoto.ee

Remember that you are sharing this space. Be considerate of others, be responsible in your use of the facilities, and be aware that we need to work together and do our own parts to make this space function properly.

Building of the darkroom and refurbishing the gallery of the Centre for Documentary Photography has been funded with the support from the National Foundation of Civil Society and the Estonian Ministry of the Interior in the amount of 14 361.88 EUR