Juhan Kuus

Juhan Kuus is a world-renowned documentary photographer of Estonian origin who lived and worked in South Africa. Many of his works and photographic essays have touched people and encouraged them to take action. Kuus believed that documentary photography has an important role to play. When asked why he chose this field, he replied: “I hold up a mirror to society. I tell my compatriots: ‘This is you unrestrained; this is how I see you’.” Kuus hoped that his works might also inspire or influence people in Estonia to take up documentary photography as well as make them look for solutions to the problems depicted in the photos. He also wanted us to recognise and acknowledge what we look like as people, as recognition is the start of many things, including change.

After Kuus’ sudden death and because of his wish to have his personal photo archive preserved in Estonia, we established a fund to safeguard his legacy. Its public branch is called the Juhan Kuusi Dokfoto Keskus.

Read more about Juhan Kuus www.juhankuus.org

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