13.09.2019 — 10.11.2019

There is something brimming with potential that happens in lives lived close to our own and others’ uniqueness. Intimacy in families is one of the examples where fear of the unknown or the strange is overcome.

These spaces of differentness contain uncertain moments, and it is in these very moments that we can learn, unlearn and learn again as long as we are able to continue to engage with what we do not know, travel where we have not been. Another person’s disability, colour, gender, religion are merely signifiers of what we don’t know.

Exhibition “Catch me” is part of the project titled The Different that has been in process for four years. It takes us to the homes of disabled children in different countries. Together the photographs by Jyri Pitkänen and the stories by Eveliina Talvitie create a bigger entity of reality and emotion showing everyday life as it is without the aspect of pity or heroism.

Eveliina Talvitie (born in 1970, Pori, Finland) is a journalist and an author who is known for her feminist non-fiction books. In the summer of 2019, she published her debut novel. Talvitie has previously worked as a news editor, television presenter, and public relations manager.

Exhibition partners: The Nordic Council of Ministers, SOL, Finesta, Finnish Institute

Partners of Documentary Photo Centre: Telliskivi Creative City, Taevas Ogilvy, Tikkurila, Clearchannel, Printwise, Ajar Stuudiod

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