Luca Berti — The Blink of an Eye

28.08.2018 — 18.11.2018

In cooperation with Estonian Open Air Museum we are proud the present the enchanting Estonian portraits and landscapes by Luca Berti (1978), freelance Italian photographer who lives in Denmark.

Luca Berti’s speciality is in taking photos the old way, using labour-intensive and comparatively slow analogue photography. In each phase of his efforts you can feel the presence and touch of the artist. On his journeys he uses a Linhof camera, which is mounted onto a heavy tripod, and 10cm × 12cm negative plates. He carefully places every stern-faced person into the picture just as photographers did in former days when picture-taking was an event in its own right.

Luca started out as a fashion photographer. He soon found his true calling away from the buzz of the big cities as a recorder of rural people and landscapes. For six years already he has been committed to the large-scale documentary project, Man and nature in the 21st century, in which he records the life of rural communities in the Nordic countries and the Baltics, and now in Estonia.

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