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Better Sundays — Sundays to wait for

The Juhan Kuus Documentary Photo Centre has set up a charity campaign to raise awareness of the elderly* around us. “Better Sundays” is the last Sunday of every month at Documentary Centre. On this day you can come to see a the exhibition for free if you come with your elderly relative or acquaintance.

How many people are around us whose stories we do not know? How much do we care, listen and really delve into the wisdom and stories of the older generations?

Being present and paying attention to someone makes a difference. Especially in the dark and cold winter months, which could be spent with loved ones, but in their absence can be the loneliest and dullest time of the year. Someone’s company and varied activities reduce loneliness and the mental health problems such as depression. Not to mention how much more fun sharing your time can make for everyone involved. Time is the most valuable resource and sharing it is seemingly easy but still one of the most sought-after gift.

We are also open to working with organisations that wants to contribute time, energy etc to this project.

Further information:, phone 52 22422
So there are Sundays to look forward to!

* The definition of the elderly is based on common practice – people aged 65 and over.

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