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21.09.2019 at 14:00

Discussion on how to use “Catch Me” exhibition photographs and stories as material for human rights education.

Johanna Lampinen, human rights educator from Finland, will take you to a tour around the gallery and dive with you into different realities of disabled children and youth, their families and societies they live in. Going deep into the photographs and stories, the educational tour will explore universal themes on humanity, diversity, identity – being different and being similar? The tour introduces pedagogical ways to reflect on personal and societal normativity – What we consider being normal and what are the ways we accidently or purposefully exclude persons from our communities? How can art help us to think over and find two way communication models in our society?

Johanna Lampinen is human rights and global education specialist and have explored the themes of equity, diversity and discrimination from different perspectives in Finnish societies and globally. She has worked as a classroom and special needs education teacher, and as a teacher educator in the University of Oulu.

Being member of Different steering group since the beginning of this project 2015, Johanna Lampinen is familiar with the stories behind the photographs in the exhibition.

Event is in English. Entry with the Exhibition ticket.

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